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Milan often gets overlooked when visiting Italy, either because people plan trips that focus on its “big three,” or simply don’t realize all it offers. Milan embraces tradition while pushing boundaries through world-class architecture and innovative neighborhoods such as Porta Nuova, CityLife and Bosco Verticale (Vertical Forest).

Milan offers many top attractions within walking distance, making it easier for visitors to navigate its busy streets on foot. However, car rentals provide visitors with greater mobility the freedom to explore Milan at their own pace while uncovering hidden gems not accessible through public transit.

Visit the Duomo Terraces for an insider’s perspective of one of Milan’s most beloved landmarks and climb the staircase (or pay for an elevator ride) to the Duomo Cathedral, taking note of its unusual gargoyles, ornate sculptures, and architectural details that may otherwise remain invisible from below. You will get to witness first-hand its amazing architectural details that would otherwise remain unseen from ground level.

Situated across from Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II from Duomo complex, Teatro alla Scala is one of the world’s most celebrated theaters, best known for its opera and ballet performances and lavish architectural design. A visit is worth it just to take in its magnificence!

To experience Milan’s contemporary culture, visit Fondazione Prada or Pirelli HangarBicocca museums; both feature permanent collections as well as rotating exhibits. Or head to the brand new Museum of Modern Art Milan where architect Rem Koolhaas transformed an old gin distillery into a design-centric hub of culture.

Renting a car in Milan should be straightforward, but you should prepare in advance to avoid any hiccups. Be sure to bring along a valid driver’s license, international permit (you may not require one, but just in case), and credit card. You can click the link: to learn how to replace a lost driver’s license.

Avis, Budget, Hertz and Europcar all maintain offices at Centrale Station to serve reliable and recognizable suppliers.

Pick-up Locations

Milan is a bustling city with narrow lanes shared among cars, pedestrians and cyclists. Driving here can be challenging; however, with careful planning and defensive driving it is possible. Renting a car in Milan is the ideal way to navigate its many attractions while exploring other areas of Lombardy or traveling through its beautiful hill country.

Milan is known as the fashion capital of Europe and offers visitors many attractions and experiences. Shop high-end boutiques or attend an opera performance at Teatro alla Scala opera house; other must-see spots include Milan Cathedral at Piazza del Duomo, Sforzesco Castle and Museo Nazionale delle Arti e Scienze. 

Milan Linate Airport provides several on-site car rental locations that you can choose from when arriving at Milan Linate Airport, making finding a car suitable for you and your trip easier than ever. Use sites like that show multiple providers to help find you the best price on an ideal vehicle rental deal suited to your individual needs and specifications such as GPS navigation, four wheel drive capability or luggage rack if desired.

Arriving by train? Milan Central or Milano Centrale station provides access to car rental companies like Hertz, Enterprise and Europcar – making it convenient as it sits right at the heart of Milan, making all its main sites easily reachable.

No matter where you plan to pick up your car hire in Milan, read through and understand its terms and conditions before signing any documents. Reading carefully could reveal hidden fees such as insurance premiums or refueling charges; any questions should be directed toward the agent at the counter. 

Also ensure to bring both your passport and valid driver’s license when collecting your rental. 

Vehicle Types

Most rental car companies provide an assortment of vehicles from which to select. Selecting a size that best meets your group, luggage and traveling needs can be challenging – consider renting a minivan for comfort when visiting with family. Or consider selecting from premium sedans or sports cars which come equipped with features like leather seating and advanced technologies for an enjoyable drive.

When looking for the ideal vehicle rental, be sure to read reviews. These will give you insight into both the vehicle itself as well as the company offering it, photos of various models will give an idea of what awaits you, if you need help choosing which type to rent, it may be beneficial to seek guidance from knowledgeable staff members – they will guide you through this process to ensure you receive exactly the vehicle for your needs.

One final factor when choosing a vehicle is fuel economy. Smaller cars tend to use less gas and will save you significant amounts over time, plus they’re better suited to Europe’s narrow roads than larger vehicles. Furthermore, some cities have ZTL zones or limited traffic zones which restrict vehicle access during certain times and days; it is wise to familiarize yourself with their rules beforehand in order to avoid fines.

Renting a car in Milan is the ideal way to explore Italy’s second-largest city. Enterprise’s various branches make it simple and fast to locate your ideal rental car and get on the road in no time – whether traveling for business or pleasure!

Age Requirements

Renting a car in Milan typically requires being at least 21 years old; age requirements will differ depending on which rental company is used. A valid driver’s license and international driving permit may also be necessary. Some rental agencies set an upper age limit of 70 or 75 years for standard rentals, with under-25 drivers subject to an additional surcharge fee.

Most rental cars in Italy feature manual transmissions; however, automatic cars also exist. You will find a variety of vehicle types at most rental companies to meet any of your needs; when making your reservation be sure to select an automatic option if available.

Before signing your rental contract, read it thoroughly to make sure that you fully comprehend all its terms and conditions. Pay special attention to any fine print addressing accident coverage or vehicle damages; in Italy traffic violations can incur severe fines; it’s also wise to review sections covering traffic violation liability.

As you search for a car rental, keep in mind that many cities have restricted traffic zones (zona a traffico limitato), and your rental agency may charge extra if you enter them during certain hours of operation. Also keep in mind the weather forecast and any major events taking place nearby which might impact availability and rates before making your decision.

If you plan to drive outside Milan, a telepass device for autostrada (photo of green sign) may be required for toll roads. You can purchase them at most gas stations and convenience stores or add one as an add-on when renting your car; additionally, the Telepass website allows users to calculate fees and plan routes before arriving in Milan.

Rather than driving yourself around a bustling city, consider booking an NCC (noleggio con conducente), a private car with driver service online. Though more costly than renting, an NCC may make life simpler by helping to navigate traffic smoothly.


Most rental car companies require some form of car rental insurance coverage. If you don’t already possess it, policies can be purchased directly from the rental agency when picking up or adding to an online booking price quote. 

Some credit cards (such as Chase Sapphire Reserve) even include primary rental car coverage free! If in doubt about whether your card covers you before renting, be sure to ask them and get confirmation in writing before renting from Milan Linate Airport car rentals; keep all paperwork until some months post return just in case it may come in handy in future disputes or claims!

Many rental cars provide GPS systems, but you will incur an extra fee. For cost savings it is usually more cost effective to download an app like GPS Tracker onto your phone instead, especially if your plan has global roaming. Some rental companies also offer one-way rentals at an additional fee that could speed up arrival at your destination more quickly.

Before embarking on your road trip through Italy, it’s essential that you familiarize yourself with its driving laws. Distances are measured in kilometers instead of miles, while highway speed limits typically don’t exceed 130 km/h (80 mph). You can click the link: for information about road conditions in Spain.

Furthermore, be mindful that major cities and coastal regions often feature toll roads that can add up quickly – especially those near major events which could impact traffic and parking availability.

Renting a car in Milan can be an economical and efficient way to explore both its city center and surrounding countryside. Just make sure to shop around for the best rate, read over all terms of agreement carefully, and sign before arriving in Italy – rates tend to be higher upon arrival and selection is often limited, so if possible book one in advance online so it will be ready when you land at Milan Linate Airport.

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