Zakir Khan (Comedian) Biography, Age, Tathastu, Family, Wife, Net Worth And More

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In the world of comedy, there exists a class apart, a virtuoso who effortlessly blends humor and storytelling into an art form that leaves audiences in splits while tugging at their heartstrings. Among these comedic virtuosos, Zakir Khan stands as a towering figure. Welcome to a comprehensive exploration of the life, career, and comedic brilliance of Zakir Khan, the standup maestro who has taken the comedy scene by storm. So, If You Want To Know Zakir Khan (Comedian) Biography, Age, Tathastu, Family, Wife, Net Worth And More Then You Are At Right Place We Will Try Our Best To Solve All Your Queries About Him .

Zakir Khan (Comedian) Biography, Age, Tathastu, Family, Wife, Net Worth And More
Zakir Khan (Comedian) Biography, Age, Tathastu, Family, Wife, Net Worth And More

Zakir Khan Biography/Wiki

Full Name Zakir Khan
Real Name Ronny Bhaiya
Profession Standup Comedian
Height 5 Feet 09 Inches
Weight 80 KG
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Date Of Birth 20 August 1987
Age As On 2023 36 Years
Birthplace Indore
Currently Living In Mumbai
Religion Islam
School St.Paul Senior Secondary School
Education Qualification Bcom Drop Out
Hobbies Travelling And Doing Poetry
Martial Status Unmarried
Affairs Single
Father Name Ismail Khan
Mother Name Kusum Khan
Grand Father Name Ustaad Moinuddin Khan
Brother Name Zeeshan Khan
Nationality Indian

The Early Days

Zakir Khan, born Zakir Khan Saghir Ahmed, hails from the heart of India, Indore. His journey into the world of comedy began as a young boy who found solace in humor. Born on August 20, 1987, Zakir’s upbringing was marked by his keen observation of the world around him and a deep-rooted passion for comedy. These formative years sowed the seeds of a comedic genius.

Zakir khan : Tathastu

Zakir Khan Has Released His Comedy Web Series Tathastu On Prime Video On 01 December 2022 . In Tathastu Zakir Khan Talk About His Life Story Tathastu starts off with a recap of moments from Zakir’s life. Starting from his early school days, the performance is a ride where the audience gets a peek at the family he was born in, the characters he grew closest to and his young years bloated with aspirations of becoming an RJ. He goes onto share a few personal learnings on stage as he tries to make sense of his journey thus far. So, You Can Watch Tathastu On Prime Video By Taking Prime Video Membership . You Can See Tathastu Trailer Below .


The Rise To Stardom

Zakir Khan’s rise to stardom was not an overnight phenomenon; it was the culmination of years of dedication and hard work. He started performing at local events and open mic nights, honing his craft with each passing day. What set Zakir apart was his unique storytelling style, which resonated with the masses.

Zakir Khan Breaking Stereo Types

One of Zakir Khan’s defining moments was his famous bit on ‘Sakht Launda,’ which not only became a viral sensation but also challenged societal stereotypes. Through his humor, he tackled issues such as toxic masculinity and relationships, making his comedy not just hilarious but also socially relevant.

Zakir Khan Social Media Accounts

Zakir Khan Instagram Account Click Here
Zakir Khan Twitter Account Click Here
Zakir Khan Facebook Account Click Here
Zakir Khan Youtube Account Click Here

Zakir Khan Youtube Sensation

In the digital age, Zakir Khan embraced YouTube as his canvas. His channel quickly gained popularity, becoming a go-to destination for comedy lovers. His ‘Zakir Khan Ki Duniya’ series became a rage, attracting millions of views and subscribers.

Zakir Khan Favorites

Zakir Khan Favorite Place Australia
Zakir Khan Favorite Color Black
Zakir Khan Favorite Singer Shubh
Zakir Khan Favorite Food Non Vegeterian
Zakir Khan Favorite Actor Aamir Khan

Zakir Khan Impact

Zakir Khan’s impact on the world of comedy extends beyond the stage and screen. He has inspired a new generation of comedians who admire his style, substance, and originality. His journey from a small-town boy to a national sensation serves as an inspiration for many aspiring artists.

Zakir Khan (Comedian) Biography, Age, Tathastu, Family, Wife, Net Worth And More
Zakir Khan (Comedian) Biography, Age, Tathastu, Family, Wife, Net Worth And More

Zakir Khan Net Worth As On 2023

Zakir Khan Is An Standup Comedian And Social Media Influencer And Millions Of People Follow Him On His Social Media Account So, His Major Source Of Income Is Doing Standup Comedy And Doing Brand Promotions On His Social Media Accounts . So, Estimate Net Worth Of Zakir Khan In 2023 Is 2 Crores And He Earns 6 Lakhs Per Month .

Some Facts About Zakir Khan in 2023

  • Zakir Khan Was Born In Middle Class Family
  • Zakir Khan Was Born In Musical Family
  • Zakir Khan Is College Drop Out
  • Zakir Khan Loves To Do Poetry In His Standup Shows
  • Zakir Khan Loves Animals And Has Pets
  • Zakir Khan Loves To Do Social Work

FAQs About Zakir Khan In 2023

What is Zakir Khan’s real name?

Zakir Khan’s real name is Zakir Khan. Unlike some comedians who adopt stage names, Zakir chose to use his real name, adding authenticity to his act.

How did Zakir Khan get into comedy?

Zakir Khan discovered his love for comedy during his college years. He started performing at local events and gradually gained recognition in the comedy circuit.

What is Zakir Khan’s most famous show?

Zakir Khan’s most famous show is “Haq Se Single,” which catapulted him to stardom. It remains a fan favorite and a must-watch for comedy enthusiasts.

Has Zakir Khan won any awards?

Yes, Zakir Khan has received several awards for his contributions to comedy, including the prestigious YouTube Gold Play Button.

What sets Zakir Khan apart from other comedians?

Zakir Khan’s relatability and ability to find humor in everyday situations set him apart. His humor resonates with a wide audience, making him a beloved figure in the comedy world.

Is Zakir Khan active on social media?

Yes, Zakir Khan is active on social media platforms such as Instagram and YouTube, where he continues to share his comedic talents with his fans.

Zakir Khan Age As On 2023

36 Years

Zakir Khan Net Worth As On 2023

02 Crores Rupees


Zakir Khan’s journey from Indore to the pinnacle of comedy is a testament to his unparalleled talent and dedication. His ability to find humor in the ordinary and touch hearts with his storytelling sets him apart as a comedy legend.

So, the next time you’re in need of a good laugh or a dose of heartwarming humor, turn to Zakir Khan, the standup maestro who has redefined comedy for a generation.

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