Dice or Destiny? How much control do we really have in Ludo?

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What makes Ludo the all-time favorite? What element in this classic board game makes it a timeless masterpiece? No, it is not the rules. It is not the twists and turns. It is the mother of twists and turns of this game. Yes! You have guessed it right! The thrill of rolling a die and its outcomes holds this game’s excitement to the highest level. No one can predict the outcomes. A leader on the board may become a loser in just a few turns. We indeed don’t have any control? Or is it? We do have control over a specific part of this board game. It all depends on how a Ludo player uses the roll outcomes to move his pieces on the board. There are infinite combinations that can happen in a game of Ludo. So, every move will be unique. This uniqueness is what keeps us hooked when we Play Ludo Online. Let us find out the specific points where we can control the outcomes of Ludo.

Aspects of Ludo we can control

1. Moving a piece on a Ludo board

The Ludo gaming apps use random number generator algorithms. This kind of algorithm generates a random number between one and six. An app animates this outcome with a die roll. A player must use this outcome to move his tokens on the board. We don’t have control over these algorithms, and the results will always be random. What we can control is the movement of a token or a piece. Hence, it all depends on the player who is using these outcomes.In conventional Ludo, a player will have four tokens to move. So, carrying a token based on the outcome of a die roll has infinite possibilities. A player detects the best possible moves by evaluating the risks and understanding the needs of the hour. So, he can control the outcome of a game to some extent by moving his pieces judiciously.

2. Using safe zones

Based on the above aspect, a player can move his token to a safe zone or keep pushing it to follow an opponent’s token. What we can control here is the risk-taking urge. A professional Ludo player always balances risks and rewards to choose the right move. He will keep his tokens safe so the opponents cannot knock them out. This decision a player takes will determine a winner in the end. So, it is not always the dice roll deciding one’s destiny. It is his choices that determine his destiny.

3. Blocking or obstructing tokens

As mentioned earlier, it is the choices we make that decide our destinies. For instance, a player blocks an opponent’s token by holding a safe zone. There can be several outcomes to ponder. For example, a player must hold that position and force an opponent to take risks. He can use their risks as his reward by knocking their tokens out. On the other hand, blocking opponents will also result in holding a token in the same position for several turns. You must understand how to balance your moves and keep controlling the board until the end.

4. Use of home stretch

Home stretch is the section where the tokens are entirely safe. A player must wait for the right roll and place their tokens in the final spot. A home stretch is beneficial as you can use your moves safely. For instance, two of your tokens are in the home stretch, and two are in the safe zones. The opponents are waiting for you to move your token out of the safe zone. You can stay at least a few turns to move your tokens in the safe zone and force the opponents to take risks by moving your tokens in the home stretch. So, the judicious use of the home stretch can help you decide your destiny.

5. Using bonus moves

Many apps have created unique Ludo gameplays based on the conventional rules. Such gameplays reward players with bonus moves or power-ups. These special moves are designed to add more thrill to this traditional board game. Lagging players can use these moves ideally to get back their stronghold on the board. They can even use these moves at the right time to win. Using bonus moves might be a stroke of luck, but using them is entirely your decision. You will be the beholder of destiny. Consider reviewing your strategy when you are about to use a bonus move. Decide by thinking at least a few steps ahead.

6. Distributing the die outcomes

Another critical factor in controlling your Ludo destiny is distributing the roll outcomes to all your tokens on the board. Keep balancing the movement of your tokens by moving them one at a time. You cannot break a roll outcome but can take turns and move them closer to the home stretch. Doing so will maintain a pace and force the opponents to make decisions in a hurry. Make decisive moves and increase your chances of winning.

7. Sometimes, it is a team game

Many Ludo apps allow teams to participate. Here, you can partner with another player and compete against another team. You can move your partner’s tokens in this specific variant, too. So, the gameplay becomes a lot more diverse. Players can interact and strategize to use the die rolls and control the outcomes. This coordination becomes a crucial point. It can turn the tables in your favor and help you win big tournaments. Remember, you will have to move eight tokens while teaming up. A single-player strategy will not work here. 

Your destiny is in your hands!

Understand a Ludo variant properly and determine its difference from the conventional format. Define a strategy as you have to use every die outcome optimally. Use the rolls judiciously and keep these factors in mind. Consider the current positions of your and opponents’ tokens to measure risk. Take calculated risks and progress to the end with all tokens. Play mind games and let the opponents make faulty decisions. This is how you can change your destiny. Remember, only a person willing to change his destiny can.

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