Understanding Fetal Alcohol Syndrome in Adulthood: Long-Term Effects and Health Implications

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It is estimated that Fetal Alcohol Syndrome affects 1 in 1000 births globally, which shows that Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is a silent problem that is challenging families out there. Most people invest and put more focus on FAS in childhood and forget about the affected kids’ transition to adulthood. It has become crucial to address and understand how FAS affects its victims as they transition into adulthood, as it is clear that this condition seriously affects their health. 

Apart from disrupting fetal development, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome also gives its victim a lifetime of abnormalities. This, therefore, makes it important for you to understand fetal alcohol syndrome in adults, and this way, you can decipher Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Below are some of the long-term effects and health implications of FAS.

Growth Deficiency and Organ Failure

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome starts affecting its victim from maternal exposure as a fetus into adulthood. FAS disrupts normal development and growth of the fetus and its organs, which results in lifelong health issues. Key organs like the heart, kidneys, and brain will be affected, which may lead to heart and kidney failure or even cognitive issues. Avoid alcohol when pregnant and save yourself from the pain that comes with fetal alcohol syndrome adults.

Physical Health Complications

Since Fetal Alcohol Syndrome affects normal metabolic operations, it is evident that a victim may have issues with their mobility and general physical health. To avoid spending most of your life in hospitals you must understand the health implications of fetal alcohol syndrome adults. With physical health issues, you are susceptible to infections and other health hazards

Neurological Deficiency

A normal adult is able to function properly, being able to undertake different tasks easily. FAS compromises your neurological system, and you are hit with different abnormalities and are not able to function properly. When your cognitive side is impaired, you will not be able to make the right decisions for yourself as an adult. This disrupts normal day-to-day life as you will not be able to communicate easily or make simple decisions on your own like a normal adult human being. This will render you dependent on other people for the simplest of tasks. 

Mental Disorders

With fetal alcohol syndrome adults, your mental stability is compromised, and you are susceptible to experiencing such conditions as depression, anxiety, and stress. This, therefore, renders mental health services and support very crucial to adults with FAS. These are serious lifetime health implications that come with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome; it is therefore advisable to address and understand FAS not only in childhood but also in adulthood. 


Many people have focused on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome only at the childhood stages for a victim, but as we have seen, it is crucial to understand FAS and the transition to adulthood as it affects a victim’s all aspects of life. It is, therefore, crucial to support Fetal Alcohol Syndrome victims so as to ensure an adult with this condition also lives a meaningful life.

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