Wayne Newton's incredible journey began at the tender age of 6, when he started performing on stage in various talent shows.

By the time he was a teenager, he had already gained fame as "Mr. Las Vegas."

Apart from his music career, Wayne is known for his love of animals.

He even owns a vast estate that houses exotic animals

Arabian horses and a collection of penguins.

Newton signed one of the most lucrative contracts in Las Vegas history at the Aladdin Hotel in 2000.

The deal was worth $25 million annually, demonstrating his immense popularity.

Wayne Newton has been a dedicated supporter of the United Service Organizations (USO).

He's performed for American troops stationed around the world, boosting their morale with his music..

His residency at the Stardust Resort & Casino lasted for an incredible 5,000 shows

earning him the title "Mr. Las Vegas" for his undeniable impact on the entertainment scene.

In addition to his vocal talents, Newton is a skilled musician who plays various instruments

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