Popular Types of Football Betting Odds

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Football betting is a widespread form of entertainment that captures the interest of millions of players worldwide. However, to participate in football betting, it’s crucial to understand the various types of betting odds and how they are calculated. In this article, we will explore the three main types of football betting odds: Handicap, 1X2, and Over/Under (O/U).

Popular Football Betting Odds

When engaging in online football betting, besides choosing a reputable betting site like Fun88 (ฟัน88) – a leading and trustworthy online football betting site in Asia, it’s essential to understand the different types of football betting odds. Below are some commonly used football betting odds:

  • Handicap Betting

Handicap betting is one of the most popular types of football betting odds, used to balance the winning chances between two unevenly matched teams. The bookmaker sets the handicap, where the stronger team “gives” the weaker team a goal advantage before the match starts.

The handicap is indicated by a number with a minus or plus sign. For example, if Team A has a handicap of -1.5 and the odds are +1.5, it means Team A must win by at least 2 goals for the bet to win. Conversely, if Team B has a handicap of +1.5 and the odds are -1.5, then Team B needs to lose by no more than 1 goal for the bet to win.

Bettors who wager on the stronger team win if that team secures a victory with a margin greater than the goal handicap. For instance, if the handicap is 1 goal and the stronger team wins 2-0, bettors who wagered on the stronger team win. Conversely, if the weaker team loses by a margin less than the goal handicap, draws, or wins the match, bettors who wagered on the weaker team win.

Pros and Cons of Handicap Betting

Handicap betting makes betting more fair and exciting, especially in matches with significant strength discrepancies between the two teams. It creates a more balanced playing field and offers more betting opportunities, not just focusing on the win/loss outcome.

However, the downside of handicap betting is its higher risk compared to other types of betting. This is because if bettors wager on the stronger team and that team fails to win by the predicted margin, bettors lose their money. Additionally, handicap betting can be challenging for beginners in terms of calculating and understanding the odds.

  • 1X2 Betting

1X2 betting is a type of betting where players wager on one of three possible outcomes of a match: 1 (home team wins), X (draw), or 2 (away team wins). This betting type is simple and easy to understand, making it suitable for those new to football betting.

The advantage of 1X2 betting is its simplicity and ease of understanding, ideal for betting novices. Additionally, the odds for 1X2 bets are usually higher than other types of bets, increasing the potential for profit.

  • Over/Under (O/U) Betting

O/U betting, also known as Total Goals betting, is where players bet on the total number of goals scored in a match. This bet is represented by a number, such as O2.5 or U2.5. If a player bets on O2.5, it means they believe the total goals in the match will exceed 2.5. Conversely, betting on U2.5 means the player thinks the total goals will be less than 2.5.

The advantage of O/U betting is that it allows players to bet on the total goals in a match, adding excitement and profit potential. Moreover, O/U betting often has higher odds than handicap and 1X2 betting, enhancing the chances of winning and profitability.

However, the drawback of O/U betting is its higher risk compared to other types of bets. This is because there’s no certain way to predict the total goals in a match, increasing the likelihood of losing for the player.

Considerations for Online Football Betting

  • Choose a reputable betting site like Fun88 to ensure safety and the best betting experience. To access the Fun88 website, use the official Fun88 link provided at
  • Always consider the betting odds and handicap of each team before placing a bet. Betting odds can change continuously and affect your decision.
  • Research and analyze the teams thoroughly before placing bets. Factors that can influence the outcome of a match include the lineup, form, head-to-head history, etc.
  • Manage your betting budget wisely and avoid betting too much money on a single match. Distribute your betting amount across different matches to minimize risks.
  • Always stay updated with the latest news and information about the teams. This information can provide a comprehensive overview and help make informed betting decisions.


In this article, we have explored three popular types of football betting odds: handicap, 1X2, and Over/Under (O/U). Each type of bet has its advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to understand them to choose the most suitable bet for you. However, to increase the chances of winning and minimize risks, players should carefully analyze the match and the betting odds before placing bets. We hope this article helps you better understand the different types of bets and provides effective betting experiences.

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