OMG 2 Movie Review, Release Date, Cast, Box Office Collection, Trailer, Budget And More

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OMG 2 is a cinematic gem that transcends generational boundaries, making it a must-watch for every individual, from kids to young adults and even adults. Its captivating narrative, Masterful Performances By Pankaj Tripathi Ji and Akshay Kumar, and the exceptional contribution of the entire cast, ensure that audiences of all ages will be enthralled.

This movie will going to be Blast for sureā€¦ It’s a complete Masterpiece movie..
Must applaud for Director, Producer, Actors and entire crew for their Bravery and opened up on such a very Important topics.
Hats off to the makers who brought this useful information for our nations which are upmost for every human being specially for Teenagers and Adults..
Our India is really so backward in terms of sex education.. that’s why the youth gets distracted very easily.

If we Indians treat all the activities related to sex like Americans or other countries..
We can be so aware of everything and would not crave like a pervert..or any lust feelings that can cause Rape, Masturbation, humiliation, stalking etc ..

OMG2 isn’t just a movie; it’s a transformative experience that enriches minds and hearts across generations. It receives a perfect 10 out of 10 and stands as a testament to the kind of storytelling that can bridge gaps and inspire a collective yearning for knowledge and cultural understanding.

OMG 2 Movie Release Date Is 11 August 2023

OMG 2 Movie Review, Release Date, Cast, Box Office Collection, Trailer, Budget And More
OMG 2 Movie Review, Release Date, Cast, Box Office Collection, Trailer, Budget And More

OMG 2 Movie Honest Review

“Oh My God – 2” Delves Into A Sensitive Topic With Finesse, Tackling Sex Education Within Schools And Families.

Akshay Kumar’s portrayal as a divine messenger from Shivlog adds a unique touch. Pankaj Tripathi’s adept performance skillfully imparts important information while maintaining a non-vulgar tone. The film seamlessly blends court-room drama with humor-laden dialogues, making it an engaging watch. Through clever comedy, the movie manages to educate audiences on sex education, ensuring a relatable connection. The historical context is fascinating, revealing how sex education was once prevalent but eroded by the British education system. Set against the backdrop of Ujjain, renowned for its Mahakaleshwar jyotirlinga, the film captivates with temple visuals and Bhasmarti scenes that are truly mesmerizing.

Some Sounds track like Oonchi Oonchi Wadi By Hansraj Raghuwanshi and Har Har Mahadev are really good which makes us get good vibes in our Ears

“OMG2” succeeds in bridging the gap between entertainment and education, Making it a Film that can be appreciated by a wide audience. The inclusion of renowned actors and their convincing Portrayals Ensure That The Message is Delivered Effectively Without Compromising on Entertainment Value.

So, In Short OMG 2 Is Great Movie To Watch With Friends And Family

OMG 2 Box Office Collection On Day 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8…

Day 1 10.30 Crore
Day 2 15.26 Crore
Day 3 17 Crore
Day 4 12 Crore
Day 5 18 Crore
Day 6 8 Crore
Day 7 9 Crore
Day 8 10 Crore
Day 9 8 Crore
Day 10 9 Crore
Day 11 11 Crore
Total 130 Crores

So, OMG 2 Has Almost Earns 130 Crores And It Was Assume That It Will Earn More Then 200 Crore .

OMG 2 Movie Trailer

OMG 2 Movie Budget

OMG 2 Movie Budget Is Only 50 Crores And It Was Distributed By Viacom 18 Studios And Directed By Amit Rai .

OMG 2 Movie Cast

Akshay Kumar Lord Shiva
Arun Govil Principal
Yami Gautam Kamini Mahesh
Pankaj Tripathi Kanti Sharan
Govind Namdev Pujari
Fahim Fazli Kahan Baba
Pavan Malhotra Judge
Brijendra Kala Dr Gagan Malvia
Hemant Choudhary Nagdev Sir

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FAQs About OMG 2 Movie

OMG 2 Movie Release Date

11 August 2023

OMG 2 Movie Box Office Collection

OMG 2 Movie Has Earn 130 Crores Till Now

OMG 2 IMDB Rating


OMG 2 Akshay Kumar Fees

Akshay Kumar Didnot Charge Single Rupee For This Movie

OMG 2 Movie Hit Or Flop

OMG 2 Is Hit Movie


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