Maximizing Your Chances of Success – Hiring a VA Disability Law Firm

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A VA disability law firm is your most valuable asset in winning your claim for benefits. Choosing a lawyer who understands the entire appeal process and will not give up on your case when the VA denies your claim is important. Many personal injury or negligence attorneys have decided to add veterans’ disability law to their practice.


A law firm’s reputation can make or break a disability claim case. Attorneys and firms with a good reputation can do much more to help veterans get the benefits they deserve than those without a solid track record of results.

A lawyer’s reputation is important because you will trust them with the most personal and sensitive parts of your life, including medical records. For this reason, it’s important to hire a firm that has the reputation of being honest and ethical.

It is vital to choose a firm that deeply understands the VA’s disability rating system. This is because the amount of money a veteran receives depends on how severe their condition is and how the VA determines the percentage. Choosing a military disability law firm with experience in this area can significantly improve your chances of success on appeal. Nolo’s lawyer directory lists attorneys certified by the VA and who practice before the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims.


Whether submitting a new disability claim or appealing a denied one, hiring an experienced veteran disability lawyer increases your chances of success. It also decreases your stress levels. However, the process of finding the right firm is a challenging one. There are many variables to consider.

Law firms range from nationwide firms that advertise a laundry list of claims they represent to smaller, more boutique firms that focus on a particular type of case or a particular region. When selecting a law firm, ask about their experience and look for case histories that describe the experience with specific disabilities. 

An attorney specializing in veterans disability representation should have extensive knowledge of the VA’s regulations and a deep understanding of the appeals process. A firm focusing solely on veterans disability law should have even more expertise in this area. Attorneys should be able to clearly explain the legal process and the terms of their representation agreement with you.


Veterans suffering from conditions caused or exacerbated by their military service may be eligible for benefits. These include financial compensation, medical resources, home loan guarantees, and education benefits. When seeking a legal team to help with your disability claim, choose a firm dedicated exclusively to veterans’ rights. This practice is the best choice for you and your case because it allows an attorney to focus on your needs and understand military culture’s intricacies.

Avoid attorneys who dabble in various areas of law and take any client that walks through their door. They may learn as they go and will not have deep knowledge of veterans’ disability claims. Also, be very careful if choosing an attorney who has not handled cases to the highest levels of the federal appeals court, including the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims. This experience is crucial when appealing a VA denial or lowered rating.


Attorney fees can have a huge impact on your chances of success. Unlike attorneys practicing other types of law, VA disability lawyers only get paid if they win benefits for their clients. As a result, they have a strong incentive to provide the highest quality of representation. In addition, they are familiar with the hundreds of rules and regulations that affect disability claims and follow all new court cases involving veterans’ rights.

The best way to choose a firm is to look for an accredited veteran disability attorney with experience helping claimants through the process. This includes preparing medical and service records, scheduling C&P exams, and representing you at the Board of Veterans’ Appeals (BVA) and the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims (CAVC).

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